Crestridge was built in 1961. Three hundred and twelve students arrived for Crestridge's first full school year in September of 1962. In 1965, nine classrooms were added and the first Media Center was built. A greenhouse was added to Crestridge in 1980. This was the first greenhouse building ever added to any of the Omaha Public School buildings. Crestridge School was also one of the first schools in the district to have a computer lab when several Apple computers were placed in the building.  In the fall of 1995, brand new Gateway computers replaced the original Apple computers. The lab was expanded to include a multimedia production center with the ability to do video and sound editing.  Since then, new computers have been added to the lab on three different occasions, most recently in May, 2006.  The lab is now used for global projects, keyboarding classes, and is shared by our language program. In the fall of 2000, Crestridge was reorganized as a magnet school.  Its theme and central focus became International/Global Studies.  As part of the International/Global Studies at Crestridge, each grade level has specific countries to research and study along with the core curriculum. Lessons in art, music, and physical education are intergrated into the magnet theme.  Magnet studies include the following countries: * Kindergarten - The Seven Continents * 1st grade - Mexico, Japan & Israel * 2nd grade - Panama, Kenya & Russia * 3rd Grade - Germany, Egypt & Ecuador * 4th grade - Australia, Argentina & China * 5th grade - Spain, England & India * 6th grade- Brazil, Mexico, Australia,Canada & Austria.


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