United Nations Student Council

Crestridge Student Council is named the United Nations.  It is modeled after the principles of the United Nations.  Students organize events and provide leadership to the Crestridge Nation.  Students will complete an international project, a national project, a local project, and a school project. The United Nations is divided into four groups -   executive team, security council, general assembly, and the assembly.
The executive council is made up of three sixth graders and two fifth graders.  This group is advised by teachers and the principal.  The executive team coordinates the school year and lays out the agenda for the year.  They then assign tasks to grade level teams.  These teams are led by security council members.  The teams are made up of general assembly members.  This group meets every Tuesday at 8:00AM.

The security council is made up of a member from each grade level.  Students in grades k-2 are represented by a sixth grader and 3rd grade is represented by a fifth grader.  The leaders of this council are responsible for their team and making sure their teammates are reporting to their classrooms.  This group meets every other Tuesday with the executive team at  8:00AM.

The general assembly is made up of members from each class from grades 3rd-6th.  They are responsible for reporting events to their classmates and being an active participant on their assigned team.  They meet with the executive team and security council team on cycle day 5 at 12:00PM in the library.

All members of Crestridge are a part of the assembly body.  They are welcome to attend any meeting and can make suggestions, or comments, in the black box under the UN board in the hallway next to the gym.