Crestridge International Studies and Dual Language Magnet School

Crestridge Magnet Center
818 Crestridge Road
Omaha, NE 68154-3400

Phone: (531) 299-1280
Fax: (531) 299-1298 

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Student-Led School Tours Available Upon Request.  Please contact the office at 531-299-1280 to schedule.

Our Mission is to provide a quality education so that all students are successful learners and responsible citizens with a global perspective.  Special events, songs, celebrations, and visuals identify Crestridge as an International Global Studies Magnet.  Curriculum at Crestridge is thematic, inquiry-based learning: a study of cultures, regions, and levels of economics and geography.      

Crestridge is also recognized as an International Spanish Academy (ISAs). ISAs are educational centers known for their academic prestige encompassing all grade levels from pre‐K through 12. Crestridge employs a bilingual curriculum for all or part of their student body. Crestridge signed a collaborative agreement with the Ministry of Education of Spain. Our program is carried out within the framework of cooperative activities organized by the Office of Education of Spain in the U.S. and Canada and North American education authorities.


Crestridge International Studies and Dual Language Magnet School Receives Merit Award AGAIN as a Magnet School of Distinction in 2012!

Crestridge Magnet has been named a Magnet School of Distinction by Magnet Schools of America.  This is the one of the top awards given by Magnet Schools of America and is based on a commitment to high academic standards, curriculum innovation, successful desegregation/diversity efforts and the consistent delivery of high quality education to all students.   This is the FIFTH time Crestridge has received a national award. 

Congratulations, Crestridge Magnet staff, parents and students!


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Omaha Public Schools

School Improvement Plan 2015-2016

Elementary School: Crestridge Magnet

Growth Goals

Goal Area:


Focus Skill(s):

Number Sense, Geometry/ Measurement


Focused use of Learning Targets

Gradual Release with small groups during guided and independent practice

Use of CPA Method with all students during math instruction

Focused Intervention and Enrichment

Focus on Number Sense

Literacy/Language Rich Classroom- focus on academic vocabulary

Use of Acuity and MAPP Data to differentiate instruction

Use of Kagan Engagement Structures

Supplement use of District Bellwork with additional geometry, measurement and number sense

Measurable Objective (growth goal): All subgroups will increase their NeSA-M scores by 3%

Goal Area:


Focus Skill(s):



Focused use of Learning Targets

Marzano’s 6 Step Vocabulary
Frayer Model

Guided Reading

Progress Monitoring through running records, MAP and Acuity data

Gradual Release of Instruction using Guided Reading Strategies embedded before, during, after reading

Consistent lab time with direct instruction and focused use of Acuity and MAPP Data

Reciprocal Teaching

Focused Interventions/Enrichment

Purposeful use of the read aloud 

Measurable Objective (growth goal): All subgroups will increase  
    their NeSA-R scores by 3%

Goal Area:

Writing across the content areas

Focus Skill(s):

Ideas & Organization


Focused use of Learning Targets

Writing as a response to reading/learning across content areas

Quick Writes, Summary Writing and Exit Tickets

Consistent use of Graphic Organize

Mini lessons on ideas and organization

Use of the Writer’s Workshop Model

Use of Mentor text

Authentic displays of student and teacher writing                  Focused Interventions/Enrichment

Build Writing Stamina

Create group experiences to generate ideas for modeled/shared writing

Measurable Objective (growth goal): All 4th grade subgroups will increase their NeSA –W by 3%


Goal Area:


Focus Skill(s):

Identify and intervene with students with chronic attendance issues


Focused use of Learning Targets

Monthly Attendance meetings with Attendance

Team with email sent to teachers one week prior to

meeting identifying students who are frequently

absent or tardy.

Target students with prior attendance issues

Increased communication between parents,

teachers and office personnel regarding students

who are absent or tardy.

Create notebook in office for reference

Letter to parents

SAT for students who are frequently absent or tardy.

2x10 Positive Connections with students with attendance concerns

Consistent use of Green book to communicate with parents

Parent Breakfast Series focus parent involvement, tardies and absences          

                  Measurable Objective (growth goal): Increase in average  
                  attendance rate to 97%.

Elementary Coordinator – Kanyon Chism, 557-2498 or