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Theme for Our Year- #BeKind

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September Theme: Respect

Respect allows us to learn, enjoy our time together and feel safe in our classroom. In the Random Acts of Kindness Curriculum, we define respect as treating people, places, and things with kindness. The 3 levels of Respect are self- respect, respect for others, and respect for community.

  • Self-Respect: Respect starts with yourself! Being kind and respectful to your body and mind will help you feel happy and be ready to show that same level of respect toward others when you come to school.

  • Respect for Others: Think about how you treat others. When you respect them and show them kindness, they enjoy your company and want to spend more time with you!

  • Respect for Our Community: Our behavior in our school, at the park, and even at the grocery store can also show respect. The way you treat our space, the things we use each day, and even our equipment and toys during recess can all demonstrate kindness for our community. Respect extends beyond our school as well. Our community relies on our respect to keep it clean and safe place to live.


  • Thanking people
  • Sharing Credit
  • Humbly Asking Questions
  • Acknowledging others and smiling at a colleague in the hallway





Crestridge Magnet Center

One School, One Book Virtual Read Alongs

One School, One Book Distribution

Hello Viking Families,

Please find and save the reading links for our Wishtree read aloud(s). We will add the daily readings each day. 
Stream: for students to view the read aloud on their iPads.

Crestridge YouTube: for students or families to view on personal devices that allow YouTube videos:
English Link-
Spanish Link-

Happy Reading!

Hola familias vikingas,

Busque y guarde los enlaces de lectura de nuestras lecturas de El arbol de los desos en voz alta. Agregaremos las lecturas diarias cada día. Además, busque mi memo en el libro, ya que algunos de mis registros tendrán preguntas que responder para que su hijo tenga la oportunidad de ganar premios.
Stream: para que los estudiantes vean las lecturas en voz alta en sus iPads.


Crestridge YouTube: para que los estudiantes o familias vean en dispositivos personales que permitan videos de YouTube:

Enlace en inglés: https: //
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¡Feliz lectura!





Greetings Viking Families! Please follow the link for the August newsletter from the principal, Mrs. Varas. 

¡Saludos familias vikingas! Siga el enlace del boletín de agosto de la directora, la Sra. Varas. 

Newsletter in English:

Boletín en español: